Management Philosophy


Management Philosophy

As a comprehensive electric construction company that has evolved based on railroad technology, we will strive to improve quality and skills with safety first and continue to take on the challenge of innovation. With outstanding technology and sincere construction work, we aim to realize a sustainable society by being trusted by our customers, growing together, and contributing widely to the construction of the social infrastructure.

Basic management policy

  • 1

    Safety is the foundation of management. Aiming for zero occupational accidents and serious accidents, each board member and employee will fulfill their responsibilities and build safety.

  • 2 Development of company and society by changing consciousness

    We aim to sustainably grow and increase corporate value as a company with excellent competitiveness and profitability by having each board member and employee always think and act with the spirit of challenge.

  • 3 Employee job satisfaction

    Each board member and employee takes pride in their work, strives for their own growth, and contributes to society to realize a workplace with job satisfaction where work and life are in harmony.